Where's Kelly?

Where’s Kelly?

Norah Johnson pulled into the parking lot behind the movie theater at Mashpee Commons. She slowly got out of her gold Saturn Ion because her body hurt all over. She may have looked like she was in her 30’s but she defiantly felt 40. Plus it was getting to be that time of the month, so that wouldn’t help her at all. A light winter rain was falling as Norah made her way past Siena restaurant where she had been trying to have her husband take her for the last month and a half. Arriving at the movie theater she went inside expecting her daughter Kelly to be waiting for her in the lobby. Only Kelly was not in the lobby, the only person in the lobby that Norah saw was a young male floor staff member of the theater sweeping up the lobby. Norah checked the time on her blackberry and saw that it was 7:05. Kelly said the movie got out at 7 didn’t she? Norah though to herself. Norah approached the ticket booth where a guy and a girl in their early 20’s were chatting.
“Excuse me?” Norah asked.
“Yes ma’am?” Said the young lady.
“What time does Yes Man get out?”
“It should be getting out any moment ma’am” Informed the young lady to Norah.
“Thank you.” Norah said making her way towards the hallway where the different theaters were. Norah checked her blackberry again which read 7:08. Any minute now Norah thought trying not to get nervous. A few minutes later after the crowd from “Yes Man” had come out and Kelly was not among them Norah began to get nervous. Well Norah thought maybe she’s in the bathroom, and I hope it’s her time of the month as well as mine. Norah made her way down a hallway to the right of the theaters to the ladies room. Norah noticed the oddly the door to the ladies room was propped up as she made her way in and called out.
“Kelly it’s mom are you in here?” No answer because in her growing nervousness Norah had not noticed that the stalls were empty. Norah did not wait for the silence to finish answering because she quickly made her way out of the ladies room and back to the lobby. Norah made her way into the hallway of theaters to theater #3 where “Yes Man” had been showing. She walked in and looked around the now empty theater only that was a lie on my part because Norah found Kelly’s jacket in one of the rows of seats. Now Norah really began to worry as she franticly called Kelly on her blackberry. She got only the voicemail and left a nervous message asking Kelly “Where are you young lady!?!?” and to “Call me or meet me where you were suppose to!!!!” Picking up her daughter’s jacket Norah made her way back out to the lobby and to the ticket booth.
“Can I help you ma’am?” Asked the same young lady from earlier.
“Yes I’m trying to find my daughter.” Norah asked franticly.
“What does she look like?” Asked the same young man that had been chatting with the young lady. In her nervousness Norah had not even noticed him standing off to the side, but no one ever seemed to noticed him is what he thought at times.
“She’s tall, slender, with brown hair in kind of a butch hair cut and glasses.” Norah said quickly but at the same time noticing a certain kind of shyness in this tall young man with brown hair and thick black rim glasses.
“No Ma’am I’m sorry I haven’t seen her, have you Heather?”
“No I haven’t either.” Heather said with a look of concern on her face.
“I found her jacket in the theater, would you mind if I checked the other theaters for her? I tried calling her but her phone is off.” Norah asked the nervousness really showing in her voice.
“Sure I can have one of the staff escort you with a flashlight. Hey Jack can you go with this nice lady, she’s trying to find her daughter.” Heather called to a young brown haired teenager in the concession area of the lobby.
“Sure.” Said Jack picking up a flashlight from behind the concession counter and making his way out to the lobby to help the lady check for her daughter.
“Well that’s kind odd don’t you think Justin?” Heather asked after the lady and Jack had gone down the hallway.
“Yeah very strange indeed.” Justin said.
About ten minutes later Jack and Norah after having no luck in the other theaters came back out to the lobby.
“I just can’t believe this, this is not like her at all!” Norah said almost yelling now. It was clear to Heather and Justin that this lady was very upset, but being the manager Heather was the one to handle it as she made her way from the ticket booth she said the following.
“Ma’am if you like I could call security to look for your daughter?” Only it would not be necessary because the door to the theater opened and Justin looked up and saw a girl with glasses and brown hair in a butch hair cut.
It was Kelly.
“Kelly!” Norah yelled making her way over to her daughter angry but at the same time somewhat relieved.
“Hi mom…” Was all Kelly could get out.
“Don’t hi me young lady you never leave the theater! Now where were you?” Norah said in a stern angry voice as Justin thought oh boy this lady is going to cause a scene. But Norah handed Kelly her jacket and took her by the arm leading her out of the theater.

Kelly would make up a story claiming that she was outside of the theater because she was on the phone and didn’t want to disturb the other people in the theater. The truth though is that Kelly is a lesbian and was meeting her girlfriend Filly on a secret rendezvous because Kelly has learned the truth that Norah and her husband Joe are homophobes. They believed that Prop 8 was a good thing to vote for and they would be ashamed if their child was gay.

200+ Word Reviews: Mates of State's: Re-Arrange Us

Mates of State‘s Re-Arrange Us

I discovered Mates of State about four years ago when their “All Day EP” came out. I remember listening to that album all through out the dead of that winter. During the late night car rides to nowhere in particular with my friends. Now it’s 2008 and it sure felt like the dead of winter tonight. So I decided to write my first album review of Mates of State’s newest album “Re-Arrange Us”. The album opens with the track “Get Better” which is fitting in the case of Mates of State they only seem to “Get Better” with each new album. In my opinion with Mates of State there’s always been a certain kind of formula when it comes to their music and it’s been a working formula since their “All Day EP”. Whether it’s formula or breaking out of it a little bit I must say I enjoyed the use of a trumpet on the track “My Only Offer”. “The Re-Arranger” simply put equals a fucking classic Mates of State song. I do enjoy the Mates of State take on the ballad form but I was left wondering just what was the “Blue and Gold Print” that they were singing of? “Great Dane” is a “Great Song” with a “Great Sound” to it. In closing I “Re-Arrange Us” is a great album and the upbeat, catchy synthesizer dreams of Mates of State continue in this dead of winter.

Re-Arrange Us

And this if my all time favorite Mates of State's Song:

Ha Ha - Mates of State